Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to "EAT MY SHIT!"

Howdy and welcome to my new blog site!  My name is Debbi and this is my first blog, ever!  I really didn't even know what "blogging" was until I got the bright idea to investigate into it after I watched that brilliant movie, "The Help."

Along with all of the tender issues that the film addressed was the experience of being forced to work for an obnoxious, mean spirited, ungrateful bully!  And as I identified with several characters who were made to suffer the disrespect and harsh indignities at the hand of their employer, I realized that a lot of folks have been or are currently in the same situation, and most of us never get the chance to express our feelings of degradation and tell said employer EXACTLY what we think of them and their treatment.  

Well, this is your chance!  In this blog is the chance to tell those assholes, bully bosses exactly how you felt and how you feel about their behavior, and how you are treated on the job.  And frankly, it doesn't have to be only employers, though that is the main focus of this blog.  You can use this blog to speak your mind to anyone in your life who is disrespecting and mistreating you.  You can express yourself for whatever situation you are in where you cannot say what you think to that person's face.  

I want this blog to be a place where you can express exactly what you think and feel without reprimand.  Now, I do not promote hate or violence in any form and I do not support carrying out any fantasies of harming anyone, even the assholes.  But what I will and do is support you in a safe place to tell someone to "EAT MY (your) SHIT!" without losing your job, losing your home, and best of all without losing your mind!  

See, for me there have been some horrible people in my life (and lots of great ones too) and most of them have been past employers.  Some of them have treated me more like a slave then an employee and more than one has even threatened me with harm for doing nothing more than putting in a hard day's work.  One of them even threw a stapler at my head and I ducked just in time for it to miss me.  In retrospect, I should have let it hit me 'cause I would own that company now.  That jerk is in the top five employers who can "EAT MY SHIT" and given the chance today, I would still love to tell him so.  But I still need the job reference while I look for work, that isn't such a good idea.  But here I get to serve it up to R.R. and even give him seconds.  I may not get the satisfaction of seeing his reaction, but at least I get to let loose and tell him on "paper", and THIS feels good!  

I want you all to feel good too!  So, with that said, today is the launching of my new blog "EAT MY SHIT" and I hope you all enjoy it and make use of it to express yourself, and tell that son-of-a-bitch boss exactly where to stick it!  Putting it in writing, of course... Have at it!


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